Veronica Gledhill - Digital Strategist


Equal parts analytical, conceptual, and creative.  Provocative and engaging. Digital strategy and user experience for beauty apps beauty brands.




Equal parts analytical, creative, and innovative. 
Advising and executing strategy  and user experience for the beauty world. 


I'm passionate about the potential of using technology — network science, big data, and AI to enhance consumer experience and solve many of the problems faced by consumers, beauty brands, and retailers, alike.



perfecting visual cogency


A visually driven, analytical creative, I'm equally skilled in creating beautiful glossy user experience and advising on and executing strategy. While holding over a decade of experience creating editorial and consumer facing experience for women, I'm also versed in the technical aspects of digital design and always working to perfect visual cogency of ideas, projects, and brands.

When it comes to figuring out whether or not a skin serum is working, and really even understanding the dimensions by which we measure skin health, I think that different technologies have the potential to quantify the qualitative in beauty and correct the very real disconnect between consumer, the product, and the brand behind it. 

Currently, I'm most passionate about creating a universal paradigm to understand and discuss beauty; skin color, skin health, and other beauty dimensions. I'm especially passionate about using data and technology to create a more fluid consumer shopping experience, based on personalization and intuitive user experience. 

I'm currently based in San Francisco after founding my own beauty startup, Stash Beauty, and consult fashion and beauty companies on their brand, digital and market strategy. Companies I've worked with include: Vogue, W, New York Magazine, The Cut, Allure, Estée Lauder, Moda Operandi, NARS, MAC cosmetics, Net-a-Porter, Gap Inc. and more.


Born in New York and raised in Washington, I started my career at Vogue magazine after completing a B.A. in Art History from Scripps College and was honored as its Most Outstanding Recent Alumnae in 2012. 



If it doesn't exist, build it

Most Recently

I founded and developed the concept of Stash Beauty. It was a successful proof of concept using AI machine learning to track and anticipate consumer behavior — once the user synced her makeup bag and medicine cabinet, the app used predictive logic that anticipated the rate by which she would use her favorite shampoo or mascara—  as well as suggest new products to try based on its proprietary algorithms.

It integrated this complex understanding of the consumer with multiple inventories and social platforms to create a powerful and seamless beauty shopping experience where consumers could buy immediately from the best social beauty content and also keep track of all of the products they were using.

In the early ages of 90's INTERNET

Before the internet was fully indexable, searchable and truly networked, my idea of fun in school was teaching myself to code and design elaborate websites, hacking my dad's computers more than once, and making "web rings" with other girl coders.